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Secret Lifehack: Listen to Audio-books while commuting.

When I first mention this to most people, they really don’t get it, so here is a simple formula for keeping your moods upbeat. Listening to Audio-books while commuting is a secret and powerful technique that few people know and fewer implement. Most people listen to radio or songs on repeat during their commute. They want to keep themselves entertained. 

Audio-books and music can be used as tools for motivation. The audio-book is such a great motivational and learning tool, while you are commuting, or just out for a drive-by yourself. I mention “by yourself” because, ideally, you should spend quality time with people in your car.

The convinent way to read a book

You can learn so much about life and a self-improvement audio book can keep you motivated all day long. Most authors distill a lifetime of knowledge in a book.

When I first started listening to audio-books it was during commuter traffic between home and office. I would show up to meetings relaxed, with fresh ideas, and motivated. When people asked me the secret, I told them about the magic of audio-books.

Most of them never asked me again, thought I was some strange eternal optimist, and never bothered to try an audio-book. Unfortunately, many people are slaves to stress and don’t want to change anything. They go about their lives with a perfect recipe for a heart attack and high blood pressure.

Here is the ultimate recipe for a very sad and short life. You must combine “running late” to work, high volume traffic, the daily latte, a high-stress job, and show up barely on time or late.

Some people are, what I call, “mad at the world.” They drive from one intersection to the next, making gestures at everyone. Some of these people can be helped, while others go through a daily cycle of frustration and even invite violence.

Now, let’s get back to you. As long as you stay aware, you have control over your motivation, moods, and level of optimism. So, take charge by plugging yourself into positive energy with books, audio-books, music, and positive people.

University on Wheels: Listen to Audio-books

Brian Tracy calls it ‘University on Wheels’. If you spend a lot of time commuting or cooking or doing mechanical activities such as cooking, gardening,  listen to an audio-book while doing those activities. You will maximize the use of your time and learn new things in the process.

Reinforce your learning

Most people are too ‘busy‘ to read books. However, you can listen to an audio-book while engaged in other activities. I recommend following up on the audio-book with a video summary on YouTube. There are many channels that summarise popular books in a fifteen-minute video. Listen to the audio-book and then reinforce your learning by watching the video summary. Then implement what you have learned. 

Now you know the secret life hack. Listen to audio-books and get ahead in life. Which audio-book would you listen to first?