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Why you should cheat to win in life?

At first, the idea to cheat to win in life seems ridiculous. You can’t be serious. Cheating is Bad. You have no morals. Wait, before you judge me, hear me out.

Our concept of cheating is mostly formed in School, where we are not supposed to cheat during the exams. Exams in schools are generally a test of your retention and memory. If you are good at learning by rote, you will generally do well. They hardly judge your intelligence, ability to think for yourself, and critical reasoning.

So, when most people read the title, they are offended, or at least curious. We should be cheating, hmmm, this is interesting. Let me make it clear. I am not talking about cheating to defraud someone. No sir, that would really have bad consequences. Robbing a bank is not the advice here. This is personal finance and productivity based blog.

The idea here is to cheat to improve yourself. Let me explain. Everyone knows that you should read books. Most of us do read books. And then we FORGET about it. One cheat system would be to simply re – read the books which have the most profound impact in your life and apply its teachings.

Lets take software developers for example. Most of them rely on Google, StackOverflow and similar websites to find a solution to a work problem. However, we don’t consider it as cheating. Its called research and collaboration.

There are some important aspects of everyone’s life. Health, Finances, Relationships, Work. Lets look at how you can cheat to win in each of these areas.

Health – Cheat to win and improve your health

Most of our health problems can be solved if only we follow the right advice. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – right?

Cereal companies coined this phrase in the early 1900s. Now everyone just accepts it without even thinking about it.

However, Intermittent Fasting, which is actually great for your health is considered fringe science. But, what if you tried it out and actually evaluated the results for yourself? You would be ‘cheating’ as this is not prescribed by the mainstream.

Finances – Cheat to win actual rewards

What if you skipped the Big Sale this year completely? What if your paid off your credit card and loans completely and not use OPiuM (Other People’s Money)?

Spending less than you earn is an not actual cheat, but given the debt plague in our society, we can consider it to be a cheat to win in life.

Work – keep learning until you win

Most of us stop learning after college. And this other than anything is the biggest cheat that we can use. Self-learning and skilling yourself is the best cheat to win in life. Committing one hour every day to learn in your trade can make you the top person in your field in a few years. This will exponentially reward you, both personally and monetarily.

Learning exposes you to new possibilities. When I learned that fasting is great for your body, I was actually blown away. You can actually heal your body by not eating anything. Imagine that, instead of eating every three-four hours.

Cheating is a concept that is looked down upon in school. But, what if our schools taught us to cheat and called it collaboration instead?

Challenging your ideas and beliefs is the cheat to win in life. What are your thoughts about it?

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