Keep at it!

Most of us are in the quest for finding the perfect formula/recipe/secret for success. We try multiple options to gain that ever elusive success. However, 80% of success is just showing up. Most of us have heard the stories of how geniuses are made. They are said to have put in almost 10,000 hours before they have any significant success in their field. Perseverance is the key word.

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The Second Post

Well begun is half done. So, I have started. The next question is where do I go now? For the uninitiated and my new readers, here is some context. I, after a lot of debate and introspection and some amount of work have got my blog live. This is an important decision for me on many levels.

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Tryst with Destiny

Of late, there has been this nagging thought inside me, I thought that just won’t go away. I should do something of my own. I should start my entrepreneurial venture. I am not really cut out for a 9 – 5 job. So, why has there been this feeling?

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