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Keep at it!

Most of us are in the quest for finding the perfect formula/recipe/secret for success. We try multiple options to gain that ever-elusive success.

However, 80% of success is just showing up. Most of us have heard the stories of how geniuses are made. They are said to have put in almost 10,000 hours before they have any significant success in their field. Perseverance is the keyword.

However, it is often easier to preach than practice. I, therefore, want to commit to this idea before ranting about it on my blog and here is my commitment – I will write at least two blog posts each week – every Monday and Thursday, without fail, for the next 52 weeks. The idea for the two blog posts each week comes from one of my favorite websites,

Let us try to understand what this commitment means for me. This means starting today, Thursday 19th May 2016, I will publish at least two blog posts per week on this website for 52 weeks, i.e., till Thursday, 18th May 2017.

This also means 104 blog posts during this period. Now, each of these posts is around 500 words and it comes to a total of 52000 words. Whoa! That’s a lot of words I just committed for writing a blog post on perseverance.

So, I have committed. Next question, what is needed to see this commitment through? In other words, what is my plan? How do I approach this and what would be time commitments, what would be the topics that I would write on and how would I write something that creates value for my readers and contributes to making their lives better even in a small way.

As you already know, the website is focussed on Personal finance and Productivity hacks. So, yes, the premise of the majority of these posts would be these two topics. It should include things like book reviews, mini educator series, etc. I would also add and refer to blogs which I may like, however, these would not count as blog posts. Let us be clear: I plan to follow this commitment with all integrity and honesty.

Have I ever succeeded in doing something like this before? Yes and no. Yes, because I have kept some commitments that I have made. No, as I have not kept any resolution for such a long period. I learned German(at least tried learning) for 1 month and followed it through without any breaks. This, however, is a much bigger challenge. Producing quality content, finding the time to do it and most importantly, the motivation to go on will be the toughest challenge.

I pray to the almighty to bless me to be successful in this endeavor.

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