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Home Ice cream Edition


The weekend was spent by reading a book, looking for a new home, watching a movie, dinner at a fancy restaurant, eating Chinese at home and was capped off by trying to make Home made ice cream.

To say that the ice cream was awesome is an understatement.

Also, we opened an online account at Scripbox, to automate part of our investment in mutual fund. They have an algorithm which suggest the best fund allocation in different categories such as equity,debt funds and tax saving funds such as ELSS. Check out the website here.

Its important to have fun in life while maintaining the focus on your long term goals.

That is why Shona and I went home hunting. Our objective is pretty simple. Next year we need to move to a bigger house and we have pretty much decided that instead of renting, we want a property whose EMI would be as close as possible to the rent that we are willing to pay (about 20K). Otherwise we would go for renting.

Obviously, there is more to buying a house than replacing rent with an EMI, like location, taxes, amenities etc. but those are less important than securing the longer term financial vision that we have ourselves (will be posting that shortly).

For now, I want to enjoy my chocolate and nut ice cream.


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