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Tryst with Destiny

Of late, there has been this nagging thought inside me, I thought that just won’t go away. I should do something of my own. I should start my entrepreneurial venture. I am not really cut out for a 9 – 5 job.

So, why has there been this feeling? There are several reasons:

I want to build a passive income scheme so that I don’t have to depend on my day job there to put food on the table and take care of my family.

We live in the Internet Age, so why follow something invented for the industrial age. Today, we don’t have to work from a fixed location, at a particular time. A good example of this is using banking services. We don’t need to go to the bank to do a fund transfer or check our account balance.

I want to enjoy the things I value most in life – like spending time with my family, travelling around the world, watch Wimbledon and WWE live. I want to do it to test myself. People around the world are doing it and earning far more doing what they love and than I am in my day job.

I want the world to be my audience. Why limit myself to a few customers? Why be trapped by boundaries? Internet can give the world to me and I want to have it.

Presently, I earn as long as I show up for work. The day I stop, the cheques will stop coming. While If I build my business, I can also earn passive income.

I don’t have to apply for leaves.

Find and explore my passions. I have always wanted to learn guitar but somehow other things in life take precedence. I want to change that.

I want to contribute in the growth of other people’s lives. If my book or my blog or my education tutorials can help even a single person in any way, I would feel happy and satisfied.

All this sounds amazing and exciting. So what has been stopping me till now? Why haven’t I taken the plunge yet?

The fear of failure. What if I fail? There are numerous risks involved. What if I am not as good as I think myself to be? What if I need big money – no bank will give me a loan. Here’s a list of all that could go wrong:

My website never takes off. It doesn’t get enough readers or somehow fails to make money.

I cannot keep on producing great content. What if my work is average and people don’t like it?

I have never really built a website though I know how to do it.

I have little experience and I have never written regularly.

What if my family opposes it? Being on my own can bring great stress to them as they have always equated a regular job with financial security.

The list can be very long and at the end of it, no sane person would want to do it.In the end, what really matters is what you believe in. I absolutely, with one hundred percent honesty, think that it is possible.It has been done before, by a lot of people and if I give my best effort, I can do it and be very successful at that. In fact, as I write this, I am amazed at my conviction and this is what makes me confident of succeeding at it.

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