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‘The 21 Day Lock-Down’ challenge!

People are worried. COVID-19 has placed us all (almost) in a lockdown. This means work from home for a few of us. However, for most of us, it means no work, a lot of uncertainty, and lots of bills to pay! The government has announced some schemes, however, the future is uncertain and people have a lot of questions. I don’t have answers to all the questions. Being holed up all day at home worrying about stuff we cannot control is no way to live. My idea is to use this time on self-development and skill development. Here’s what I have started to cope up. ‘The 21 Day Lock-Down’ challenge

Introducing ‘The 21 Day Lock-Down’ challenge

‘The 21 Day Lock-Down’ challenge aims to create a routine of tasks to be hat performed daily resulting in learning skills which can be monetized. It also focuses on creating health habits like exercise and meditation.

This 21 day period can be a great opportunity for us to catch up on skills that we always wanted.

Always wanted to be Photoshop whiz? Grab one on the courses on multiple sites such as SkillShare (Get two months of SkillShare premium free). Udemy also has some good courses.

Want to learn how to code? Utilize this 21 day period and start a course on freeCodeCamp for no cost at all. All it takes your effort and time. Often we get started and then it seems like we are making no progress. Well, I have a cure. Measure and track your efforts. Find a template to measure your progress here.

Some of the skills that can be developed are:

  • Photoshop
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • MS Excel
  • Video Editing
  • Youtube

  • Exercise and meditation are an absolute must during this period to keep you healthy and grounded. Actually, these two are beneficial at all times.

    Use this time to develop some exercise habits. I use the 7 Minute App on my phone. Meditation is a great habit to develop during this lock-down. It calms anxiety, allows us to reset. Meditation also improves your focus and your general well being. Use Headspace or Calm or any other similar apps to develop your meditation habit.

    Download free ‘The 21 Day Lock-Down’ here tracker and begin this challenge.

    I am sure that you will come out as a better man on the other side of this lock-down. All the best!

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