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Musings on what I want to do?

What is the ideal job for me? One that gives enough intellectual stimulation as well as money so that I can enjoy my life as well as contribute to the society?

Things I really enjoy are reading, watching cricket/sports in general. Playing chess, cricket. Teaching stuff to people about things that I have relatively better grip than others.
I think that if I had no liabilities right now, I would have gone in for a PHD. I would have encouraged my wife to do the same. So PHD is a real option.

Opening a library cum modern café is also something that I would love to do. It would chess tables, billiards table, table tennis table and reading areas where one can sit down and enjoy coffee and good books. A big TV/Projector would be playing live matches albeit on mute and It would be open till late night. It would again open in the early morning and give those morning people a place to enjoy the quiet!

We will build patrons who enjoy personal time without being disturbed, being lost in a book. Free Wi-Fi will be available for patrons to surf the internet. I think this can be a good option 5- 10 year down the line.

My expectation is to run this less like a business and more like a place where I would want to go and spend my time. Obviously, profits are always good.

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