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The Second Post

Well begun is half done.

So, I have started. The next question is where do I go now?

For the uninitiated and my new readers, here is some context. I, after a lot of debate and introspection and some amount of work have got my blog live. This is an important decision for me on many levels.

First, it represents my commitment to getting where I want to go in my life. The first step is often the most difficult to take and things are usually easier from there. The decision is an important one because the risk of failure is very high, knowing myself, I can safely say that I may lack the perseverance to go the distance, work really hard and make this into a successful blog. I might not be able to give the blog the time that it deserves. The content may not be that different from other blogs in the same domain or lack of effective promotion may block Charpaisa’s growth. So, the risk is very high. And this represents hope for me.


I am ready to face the possibility of a failure, I am at peace with it and thus feel that I may have a very high probability of actually succeeding at this. I also know that I am going to give it my absolute best.

So what are the next steps for this blog? I have a plan in mind and it would unfold itself as we embark on this journey together.

This blog is about personal finance. The majority of blog posts would be in some way related to achieving financial independence. As discussed in the first post, financial independence refers to the state where you no longer have to work for putting food on the table. Your investments should generate enough passive income so that you don’t have to work for money. Now, it surely doesn’t mean that it should not work. It means that you should work on something which gives you mental and emotional satisfaction. This may well be the job you are currently doing. Financial Independence can also mean traveling the world, learning something that you always wanted but never had the time to or it can mean giving the best possible to your family.

This blog is going to be as much of a discovery for me as it is going to be for you. Five years from now, I would like to come back and review and share with you my reflections on our journey together. As they say, the fun is in the journey itself. I hope we have a wonderful journey together.

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