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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Chinese philosopher Laozi.

Why do we do anything? It is a question worth reflecting upon. I started this website to begin my journey towards financial independence. I started this website to become more productive with my time and to utilize the limited time that I have on this planet for the greater good. I hope that through this venture of mine, I will be able to make at least a small difference to the society.

So, has starting this been as easy as it sounds? Rather, one should ask, is starting anything as easy? We all know the answer – Taking the first step is always the hardest. This brings to mind another point – one that I hope to master someday i.e., Take Action.

Whenever we start any venture, a thousand negative thoughts come to our mind. What if I fail? I don’t have the expertise! There is too much competition (A lot of personal finance and personal productivity website are out there, why would anyone visit my site?). Often, we give in to many of these and usually wrong fears. We never start.

I too had these doubts. I felt that I can never make a living out of my website (May be, I never will). But what if I never started this blog? I would have definitely (carved in stone) never made money out of this dream of mine. Even if this blog turns out to be a complete failure, I will have the satisfaction of trying, taking the risk and giving it my best shot.

So, dear readers, I urge you to take the chance, start what you want to, do something that you really want and afraid to do and take the plunge. (See what I did here, I made myself believe that this blog would have many readers and my words would cause you to jump to action).

Starting this website was not easy. Nobody wants to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon writing a post and working on a blog that has a very slim chance of success. Even though I have done engineering in Computer Science, building websites was something never really taught in the course. I had to learn web designing using wordpress and rediscover my passion for writing. Tying all this to my goal of becoming financially independent one day so that I don’t have to depend on a job to put food on on my family’s dinner table just made all the work seem like fun.

If you want to take one thing away from this post, let it be this – “Take Action”. Showing up is 80% of the success. Trust yourself, Start!

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