The Five Laws of Gold

We can see that even in the 21st century, the advice contained in the book written almost a hundred years ago remain valid. Human nature does not change and so does the laws of accumulating gold and becoming wealthy. What is your take on this books and the five laws? If you have not read the book yet, I would highly recommend you to read the book.

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Why you should cheat to win in life?

Our concept of cheating is mostly formed in School, where we are not supposed to cheat during the exams. Exams in schools are generally a test of your retention and memory. If you are good at learning by rote, you will generally do well. They hardly judge your intelligence, ability to think for yourself and critical reasoning.

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Life is the best teacher, but here’s how to hack the lesson.

If it is all gung ho for you, you should be really worried. Life tests out everyone in unique ways. One moment you feel like you are set for life, the next moment, China steps in with COVID-19. In reality, things rarely go down the way you want them to. Accidents, family issues, relationship issues, medical emergency, plain old back luck can derail your plans, and it may be challenging for you to bounce back. So, life's all pain and suffering. Not exactly. We see a lot of winners. After all, a 'chaiwala' became the PM of our country. Here's how to hack life's lessons.

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