What a Virat Kohli Chase can teach you about Personal Finance?


Another match, another Virat Kohli century and another India win!

What we have seen time and again from the Indian captain is how to your apply discipline, mental grit and tenacity to come out as a winner in a difficult situation.

The way his bating deflates the opposition is absolutely stunning. There is a glamour about him that cannot be missed. However, behind that aura of showmanship, is where the real show happens. His physical routine is the stuff of legends. Commentators have been singing praises of how Kohli is very strict with his workout routines and what he eats. He never slacks and is dogged in his approach. How he has reaped the rewards, the world can easily see.

By now, you must have understood where I am going with this post.

The same qualities that make Virat a champion in cricket can make you a winner in your personal finance. If you start investing in good mutual funds and stay disciplined over a long period of time, which requires immense mental strength, you will not have to worry about money.

If you are determined to save a portion of your income, i.e., spend less than you earn, you will be able to meet that unexpected hospital bill/breakdown of your car. If you are mentally strong enough to evaluate your purchases and really differentiate between your needs and wants, you will have less clutter in your life and focus on things that you really value.

Success in life, regardless of whether it is in cricket or personal finance is driven by the same principles and a strong determination. We just need to look around and find inspiration from successful people and we too can become the Virat Kohli of personal finance.

Image Courtesy: http://ste.india.com/sites/default/files/2016/01/17/451474-virat-kohli-outstretched.jp

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