Goals for 2019.

2019 Goals

Goals give direction to your life. They allow you to live your life by design and not by chance. Written goals have been proven to be at least 10 times more effective that verbal goals. Verbal goals are goals that we know that we must do and have made a note of them mentally. However, our memories are malleable and fragile and hence we tend to forget them or modify them as per our performance.

So here are some of my top goals for 2019.

  1. Read 60 nonfiction books for the year. Track what I have read in my weekly rhythm register.
  2. Complete 50 data camp courses, 35 courses in R and 15 in Python/SQL
  3. Complete 10 Udemy courses in Tableau/Power BI.
  4. Weigh 78 Kgs by April 2019.
  5. Track my food on Healthifyme app for 300/365 days.
  6. Run for at least 150 days. (Treadmill with a target of running 5km in around 35 – 40 mins by end of the year)
  7. Save and invest at least 15% of my income.
  8. Eliminate some debts that I have taken and not take any new ones.
  9. Obtain a 1500 ranking on Chess.com
  10. Practise Chinese on Duolingo for at least 300 days in the year.

The first three goals will help me to improve my employment quotient. In this ever-changing world, I want to upskill myself and keep my skills on the cutting edge. However, my first goal is to read 60 nonfiction books. This is because these books will primarily help shape my thinking and my mindset, which I believe is the most important thing. Technologies will evolve and one would have evolved with them, however, the mindset that allows you to learn and evolve is more important.

The next goals focus on my health and fitness levels. I want to live a long and healthy life and it is important to have a continued focus on my health. Running 3 times, a week would give the recommended levels of cardio and I’ll try to throw in some weight training while I am at the gym. Food is responsible for 80% of the weight loss program and hence, tracking what I eat is extremely important for me.

Saving and investing are important part of growth and independence that I want to achieve over the years and hence aim is achieve 15% of my net salary level. My PF contributions are not a part of this. Also, I would pay off some of my debts this year and strive to not take on any new ones.

The last two goals are aspirational and add skills in some entirely different areas than my work or personal goals. They give me some entertainment and a chance to explore different areas fields than the ones that I deliberately focus on.

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